You may have a lot of decisions to make, and work to do for your wedding but registering should not be a chore! With these quick registry tips you should be able to have some fun!

– Yes, you can register for whatever you want, but YES you should register, regardless of how many blenders you already own. Registering can help ensure that you don’t receive another blender to add to your shelf.

– Remember when you are registering that you may not be looking for a certain item now, but you may want it in the future. Never cooked a turkey? You may not be thinking of a roasting pan, but it could come in handy when you’re asked to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

– There are many different places you can register, for travel, outdoor equipment, wedding photography or the standard houseware.

– Once you know what you would like to register for, you should jump on it. Some people like to send out engagement gifts, and even if not, by the time bridal showers and wedding events come along, things will be busy, so register early.

– If you have a lot of guests traveling from out out of town consider registering in at least one location that has a registry available online.

– Register for a broad range of items and price points. Guests will want to select an item that they can afford but that they like as well. Some guests will go together to get larger items, while others will want to pick out a few small ones. It doesn’t hurt to register at two completely different locations (or more) to provide options for  both you and your guests.

– You should register for twice as many items as you have guests and check your registry often. Keep in mind that an estimated 80% of guests will buy gifts in the week before a shower or the wedding.

– And how do you let people know where you have registered? The old fashioned word of mouth is the most popular option. Wedding websites are also an acceptable option. Still a faux pas is including your registry info with your invitation. Thats a no no :)

– I know a lot of people want cash, and I can tell you that I understand that. But in every etiquette book, or post, or planner that I have talked to… they agree its in no way ok to tell people that’s what you want.

– Oh and keep in mind some registries offer discounts to couples after the wedding date to buy any items they would still like, might be worth investigating!