Well what a crazy weekend was the weekend of Earl!!! Jocelyn & Michael’s beautiful outdoor valley wedding was scheduled for the day of Earl’s arrival but with some quick thinking and a lot of juggling they were able to move the ENTIRE wedding to Friday! It was amazing that on such short notice everything was able to be arranged and went off perfectly!

Jocelyn & Michael chose to have their wedding on their family property where they have a chicken farm and have recently started a vineyard!  I love when a wedding location has meaning to the couple, and this one was full of it! Also, because of the change of date it also meant that they would be getting married on the same date as Mike’s parents who had gotten married on the very same property (different location but still!) 56 years ago!!

The wedding was all about friends and family being together, and a bit about wine! It was a wonderful experience watching this beautiful couple interact! Thank you for letting us share in your day!