Well not that they need much introduction at all but these beautiful ladies deserve some serious props! Not only do they make the wedding more beautiful, they keep things running smoothly for the bride, put her needs first and have a lot of fun! I am not sure if it is just in Nova Scotia that we are so lucky to have women who are so supportive of their friends getting married, but I can certainly see why these ladies were chosen to stand in their friends weddings!

Here are a couple of quick shots of some wedding photographs taken at White Point Beach Lodge, York Redoubt, near Lawrencetown Beach and a bride’s front yard…well front of house…yes we can use siding as a backdrop!

Coming up later this week…some thoughts and images from my trip to Nashville, and some photos from a fun family shoot at Hatfield farms! Hope you all had a great Saturday!





Heather Crosby Gionet is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.