Here is a shot mr. Mike Lowe took of me at one of the last weddings of the season. The minister had originally said no photography during the ceremony, but we persuaded her to let us set up a tripod in the back, not use flash and not move around. It didn’t allow as much creativity but at least we have some great shots from the ceremony. The minister was happy that we weren’t distracting and the couple was happy that we had made the effort to make it work.

2010 has really been an incredible year. I was going through my photos the other day and just really can’t believe that all of these things happened in one year! No wonder I am tuckered out!!! Here are 10 highlights from the year, in no particular order!

1. My missions trip to Bolivia. What an amazing experience, what a change that happened in me and what amazing friendships were born there!

2. My boudoir shoot with The Boudoir Divas. Again life changing.

3. Vacation with Mr. Alex :) California dreamin :)

4. Taking time off in the summer to visit with friends and family!

5. Meeting Jeff Cooke and working with him, Liam, Sue, Jeff B, and other amazing photographers in the city on different projects.

6. Going to Nashville with miss Sue Siri, learned a lot and rekindled a little creativity for the sake of being creative in me.

7. the Just Dance games for the wii….seriously….good workouts, lots of fun, and a few date nights with friends where I laughed so much I cried!

8. Jamaica time with my mamma, lots of laughter there as well.

9. Launching This is Photography Weddings! Can’t believe that was only in January!

10. Looking back at my goals list and seeing how many of the items have been accomplished (though there are many more I need carry over to 2011)