heather-ttd-2-copySo its Tuesday and I know these posts usually come a little bit later in the day, BUT there is going to be a sneak peak from our PEI TTD marathon tonight (each one of us is going to post one shot from a different location) soooo here is the random stuff for today! Thanks to Jeff Cooke for the action shot or our ttd shoot here in Halifax.

1. One time I ordered a cheeseburger from McDonalds, and when we got home, there was no burger in it…so I put a half a chicken breast and it tasted the EXACT same.

2. I love white shirts, and am also a bit of a clutz with sauces…so I have a lot of white shirts for painting, cleaning and not leaving the house in.

3. I love white twinkle lights.

4. I love white wedding dresses….so I guess I just like white…I don’t guess….I do like white!

5. I am pretty sure that if they made a bottomless McFlurry, I would never be able to stop, no self control! (I tried last night to save some of my mcflurry to enjoy with Alex when I got home….but I kept saying “one more bite” and before I knew it…it was ALL gone!)

6. I used to draw, now I just draw ideas for photographs!

7. La Paz airport in Bolivia is the second highest in the world! How do I know that?? I’ll be flying in there in June!

8. gosh…I cant think of anything else right now…. hmmmm these are going to be REALLY random…Oh I got one! I don’t cut my fingernails…they grow they break…and thats all I know about that!

9. I used to skateboard. Ok so I used to sit on a skateboard and race my brother down the street at our house in Wedgewood!

10. I love accents. They make me giggle!