So last night I had a photobooth at a wedding and when I was dressed and headed on my way I realized I was wearing pretty much the exact same outfit I had worn at help portrait last December (so just over a year ago) I thought it would be fun to have the pictures to see how much I have changed… I don’t particularly like either photo of me (no offense to the photographers) but you get the idea

1. I still have wacky hair and wear big earrings and obviously my taste in clothes hasn’t changed much.

2. the sweater lost its zipper sometime this year, but I still think it looks ok :)I used to wear it sometimes unzipped anyway, I just had the option before.

3. I dislike when blacks don’t match (though I know they don’t in either photo! what a faux pax!)

4. my hair might be a little bit lighter…I have about the same amount of (non)tan…apparently a bit more attitude because i have TWO hands on my hips…

5. I guess those aren’t really random things…but they were interesting things to point out, I really don’t think I look much different…certainly not a WHOLE YEAR OLDER! GACK!!!

6. We are going to get new passports done on Thursday and I have been practicing my no teeth smile. I REALLY hope there is a BIG difference in my old picture and my new one because I look like a terrorist in the one I have now.

7. When I went to get my passport done 4 years ago I had to have my picture taken THREE times (Each time went down to the passport office with them) and they almost didn’t accept them the third time. First set because my teeth were showing (just a tiny bit of white…which I still don’t get why you can’t show your teeth…its a much more accurate depiction of me) second set because my face was TOO SHINY (yes….greasy….and they had me dab it off first…that’s bad…anyone have any advise on how to remedy that?? I already use mineral powder) the last set they wanted to reject because they were too dark (I look Latino) but I convinced them (through a small fit….lol) that they couldnt make me go and get another one AGAIN….

8. I really really really dislike being cold. I know hate is a strong word…but I might just hate it. Today’s shoot was really good so it made up for the cold, but I am definitelygetting some smart wool tights to wear underneath for this weekend’s wedding!

9. I love games. All kinds of em, card games, acting games, cranium games, wii games etc. I think I like them because it gets people interacting and almost always laughing.

10. I do NOT like trivia games. They make me feel not smart.