Well I could say a million things about this wedding and I am feeling kind of chatty (or “typey” ) so you may just get a million things!

This was the ultimate DIY wedding! Alyson’s family was renovating their home, so they incorporated the wedding into that planning. What an amazing location and what a family full of love! They built the floor for the tent, had friends run the bar (they were squeezing lemons all afternoon!)  and their church volunteered to cook and serve the dinner! Bridesmaids and groomsmen (and lady) decorated rocks, put out flowers, tied ribbons and anything else that was needed)

All of the photos were done within a 5 minute walk of the house, and well I had a BLAST!!!

I had to include a series near the end of this post, because I just couldn’t get over the chemistry between these two (and was not at all suprised when EVERY speech mentioned this amazing love!) and I couldn’t pick!!!

Oh and I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason! So glad that I ran into Alyson down by Da Maurizo! What a wonderful chain of events that caused!!!