I posted a single picture of Miranda on Facebook this week and people kept commenting on how beautiful she was. Now its not that I don’t agree, I think she is a stunning woman, and an incredibly beautiful bride; but one commenter said ” Such a glamorous picture for sure; but even better is your amazing heart.” and I have to agree! I met Miranda through a friend of mine (one of the bridesmaids the beautiful Diana!) and knew instantly she was a sweetheart and I knew she was madly in love with Kyle. It was a while before I met Kyle, and to be honest was a bit nervous of meeting this tough military guy, but I pretty quickly saw why Miranda is so smitten! Miranda & Kyle bought little pink camo flip flops for Addy and came over for snuggles with her while we chatted about their wedding. After two years of planning I know everyone was excited that the day was finally here (and what a beautiful day it was!!) There were many MANY amazing moments but my favorite moment was when the doors opened in the crescendo of the music and Miranda and her father walked in (followed closely by the reaction Miranda & Kyle had at their first look!!! LOVE)  I had goosebumps and it certainly was NOT cold!!!
Miranda & Kyle thank you for being such an amazing couple full of so much warmth, love and understanding. I pray your life together will be filled with so many blessings you can’t even imagine! PS Kyle, sorry there are more pics of Miranda than you…but seriously LOOK AT HER!!! Can you blame me?? xox