Ok well I am supposed to be leaving in five minutes to go meet Alex at the lake (pretty sweet!) but I wanted to get this post up before I went, so I am sure he will understand if I am a couple of minutes late!

Chelsea & John got married in Halifax but time wouldn’t allow for shots at the beach, so on a very foggy night last week, we took care of that!

A note of  thanks to Mike for coming along and taking some shots and being our light man and official hanging post! So glad you were able to come out and lend a hand!

Chelsea & John you guys are awesome! Chelsea you are straight out of little women or something as equally stoic and epic! I loved watching you two interact (so much love there!!!) and be up for anything! You braved the bugs, the cold water and the gravel with your lost sandal with the grace and poise that one could only expect from a queen :)

Alright well without further ado here are some of the shots (problem with new blog posting system…I can’t stop! lol there will be no surprises left for my clients pretty soon!!!)

Hope your honeymoon is going splendidly (used that word for you Chelsea!) not jealous at all that you are in Greece!! Enjoy!