heathermar9-copyHey Guys well I am coming in just under the wire again! You see Tuesday nights is Lost night with the Cooke’s (the same Cooke’s that the Jeff Cooke who took this photo belongs too) so I get home just in time to get this post up under the wire! I was out of the office all day but getting caught up now!

so here are some random fun facts, well, facts at least:

1. I hate seeing myself on video or hearing my voice recorded.

2. I have a little spot in my eye from where a piece of metal rusted in my eye (they had to take out as much of the rust as possible with a little drill when I was like 12)but don’t worry I can see through my camera viewfinder just fine now!

3. I was reminded today of a “near death” (ok so I didn’t think that it was near death but that’s what we called it) experience I had when a plane I was on had to have an emergency landing.

4. I didn’t know had a curly hair until high school!

5. I never used to wear jeans….I only wore dress pant…used to think jeans were uncomfortable and now wear them every other day!

6. I could never be a doctor, but have so much respect for what they do! (I’ve recently been watching ER)

7. In Scotland, people throw stinking crud like eggs and sauces on their brides. In some other countries, they throw rice.

8. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

9. I don’t wear lipstick, just lip gloss, usually lip smackers….its what I wore on my wedding day.

10. My favorite season is sprummer (that’s the spring and summer…ok and the fall…I just don’t like winter that much)

ok and you get a bonus. My hubby Alex hates when people make up words…like…sprummer