I have been to quite a few weddings now, and have picked up some good time on things that are good to have on hand at your wedding (things that we wanted or were greatful to have!) Here are my suggestions for things that you should have in your wedding day survival kit (in no particular order) AND if this seems like too much to worry about, give your MOH some cash, and send her on this task…she’ll likely be taking care of it the day of anyway :)

– aspirin/Advil/Tylenol…

– band-aids

– bobby pins

– sewing kit

– extra contacts/solution

– mints or breath freshener

– deodorant

– baby powder

– any medications

– pepto (for those upset stomachs)

– little packets of tissues

– hairspray

– emergency make-up kit (gloss, powder etc)

– a spare set of earrings

– flats or flips flops (for late night dancing!)

– pantyhose (did you know that putting pantyhose on your hand like a glove and rubbing it in circles on deodorant stains totally rubs them out!)

– fashion Tape (to help hold dress or straps etc)

– sewing kit and safety pins (I often have some safety pins in my camera bag and do you know how many times I have come to the rescue?!!)

– lint brush

– water

– snacks (granola bars etc, who wants a cranky groom??)

– face blotting papers (are really good when you can’t powder to reduce shine)

– tide to go or stain remover wipes

– list of vendors contact information

– a swiss army knife. (you wouldn’t believe how many times scissors, a knife or even corkscrew can come in handy!)