Today’s Wedding Details Wednesday is about ROCKING the dress!!

Have you seen the new “Rock the Dress” and “Trash the Dress” shoots coming up all over the place? If you have you know that they pretty much rock (or have done a couple rock the dress shoots and have a couple more coming up (and I cannot WAIT!)

This new trend is fabulous for so many reasons!

Wanna here a few?
– they give us time to be creative, and go to cool locations that we may not have time to on your wedding day.

– if you didn’t like, or have time for, your wedding photos…we can do them over again! Or just get you more!

– we dispel the myth that you only wear your dress once… you can wear it again for your shoot!

– you can get all dolled up (or look like you just rolled out of bed)

– don’t want to wear your mothers dress for your wedding, but want to do something special…why not do a rock the dress shoot?

– having a fancy wedding but really want to get married at the beach?

– getting married down south but want to take some photos at home??

– don’t want your guests to have to wait for you to start the reception on your wedding day?

– renewing your vows?

– celebrating an anniversary?

– getting divorced ?

These are just a few of the reasons to think about rocking your dress. We can trash the dress too…but we don’t have to.

Rock the Dress sessions mean you aren’t as worried about your dress as you would be say, on your wedding day! We can work together to create a concept, theme, feel or location for a shoot to get some great photos of you and your dress…and maybe even your groom! 

My Rock the Dress shoots start at just $150 so contact me to set yours up!

AND if you know anyone in PEI, or want to travel there, there is a unique opportunity available to work with THREE photographers for your trash the dress! Three photographers with three styles!  We’ll be doing shoots on Monday April 19th if you want to book! See the flyer below and click to contact for more details!