ha_0872Hey Guys! I am doing this post while in Florida with my Mom! So I thought it would be a good idea to feature an image of her and I together at my wedding a few years ago! Photo by Judy of Elementz of Fotographie

And lets start of the random facts:

1. My mom got this mother of the bride dress on a shopping trip to Florida…(much like this one)…. for $19.99. Even with her flight it was a better price that some dresses I’ve seen around home!

2. I don’t generally like to shop but I LOVE to get good deals! I got a pair of big metal earrings for seven CENTS on this trip.

3. You know all the cleaning product commercials by “SC Johnson – a family company” until they started placing the logo on the bottom of the ads…I thought they were saying “Messy Johnson” I didn’t get it, but its what I thought…

4. I like polka dots. Think they’re cute. I knew they’d come around sometime and was glad to see them featured in a couple of fashion magazines lately!

5. Wasps have stingers. You probably knew that…I did not (I thought they bit like horseflies)… that was until I got stung yeterday….

6. When I think about Florida I see photos in my head…(I have a bad memory so I am so glad to have photos) me with waterwings at the pool with my grandparents, dr. pepper/cherry coke (you used to not be able to get them in Canada) and a Christmas with an antique telephone wrapped with Christmas lights. (Among a million other memories)

7. This may have been the most relaxing vacation of my life…reading….working out…grabbing a bite…being with my mom. Maybe I am learning how to relax…

8. I have not owned a belt for at least the last 10 years. I bought one yesterday.

9. Sunscreen really works. I always am amazed when I miss a spot that gets really burnt and the rest of me is all ok.

10. My drink of choice is…water. Good old H20. On a side note (related) I don’t drink but really enjoy dancing…one of the bartenders at a dance club in Banff (where I lived for almost a year…almost 8 years ago) gave me the nickname “agua” because all I ever got was water (but tipped him well anyway..don’t worry!)  I thought of this one because I am THIRSTY! Better go get myself a glass of aqua!