Well I have to say that I still LOVE doing rock the dress shoots, I love how laid back, adventurous, silly and creative we can be! The idea for Deb & Phil’s rock the dress was to capture some Mexico flair in the shots. We had only arrived in Playa del Carmen late the night before after the wedding so we hadn’t had much time to explore so the four of us went together. It was interesting to learn that Playa del Carmen has only been the way it is now for the last 10 years or so, before that it was a small quiet town! It made it harder to find what I had pictured as “Mexico” because all the new buildings and hotels are very contemporary! But after lots of exploring I think we captured the Mexico feel we were looking for!

Well I can honestly tell you I am officially done editing photos on my laptop! OY!!! I know I mentioned it before, but really I miss my computer, and my desk!