Alright well I am setting a timer for 10 minutes for this 10 random things Tuesday post. Mostly because its soon not going to be Tuesday!! Huge shout out to my wonderful assistant Mike for taking this shot of Addy and I in our bright outfits!

1. The outfit I was wearing in this shot was purchased when I went shopping for a new “shooting outfit” for weddings. I usually go with dark grey or black, so as to not be distracting on the wedding day…what do you think? Lol I also did find a black outfit I was happy with but liked this one so got it as well, but not for shooting weddings!!

2. Random things you’ll find in my glove box: band-aids (must have on hand when you are as clumsy as me and working with brides in white dresses!), tweezers, body butter, mail key, antiperspirant, body spray, clean underwear (I think I put these in there when I was pregnant and afraid my water would break when I was out somewhere…but they are still in there lol)  an old camera with a dead battery (yet I leave it in there, that’s the smarts at work) normal registration/insurance/manual stuff and take out napkins (usually in bulk). I’m sure there is more but that’s what I moved yesterday while looking for something… lol

3. I never used to like having showers. Even as an adult. Not that I minded being clean, just the whole process I found kind of tedious…but its changed now… I enjoy me a good shower.

4. My mom says that I used to HATE the sand as well. Apparently I would scream and claw at the back of her neck if she tried to put me in the sand. I like the beach now…

5. Uh oh…its already been 8 min! I like deadlines, makes me get things DONE!

6. I love travel planning! I really enjoy the process of researching, finding deals etc. Sometimes it seems to take forever though!

7. I love apple blossoms (and cherry blossoms too) one of these years I will remember to plan a shoot for the valley for this time of year!!!

8. I am awful at painting my nails. Must be one of those practice things since I never do it…but it looks like I let Addy do it when I try!

9. I use whatever stamps I have when I have them. My most recent mail had a Will & Kate stamp and a Christmas stamp on it.

10. I am now just about 2 minutes over! Could be worse, could have not done it at all!!! Or could have been distracted by trying to do too many things at once. I do that from time to time (I currently have 20 internet browser windows open…that’s too many!!!)